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As mind-numbing as it might be, dating at this day and age is pretty much a walk in the park. Thanks to the likes of Tinder, Bumble, or even Facebook Dating, you can now swipe right to find your soulmate from the comfort of your own bed…

…but it hasn’t always been this easy.

If you go back just a couple of years, when internet wasn’t exactly a universal commodity, you’d find that people in Malta needed to put in a lot more effort to find their next boo – and this newspaper excerpt from 1992 is testament to that.

Twenty-eight years ago, two men relied on putting out ‘calls for girlfriends’ on a local newspaper to find their soulmates – and they weren’t looking for just anyone.

“39-year-old man looking for a single woman willing to get married. She needs to own a car and have a well-respected occupation,” the first advertisement read.

“Write down details like telephone number to P.O. box 32170, Stamperija Indipendenza, Pieta.”

Whilst putting out a newspaper ad to find a significant other isn’t exactly unheard of, people were quite surprised to learn about the 39-year-old’s very specific preferences.

“This 39-year-old looks like a bum – no wonder he was single,” one commenter said online.

“He said he didn’t want a broke girlfriend, but he never said how much money he has,” another person added.

The second love seeker seemed a tad more open to a wider variety of partners.

“36-year-old man with a good job looking for a single woman willing to get married,” the second advertisement read.

“Write to P.O. box 5471, Stamperija Indipendenza, Pieta.”

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