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Tinder with a new feature is introduced during this lockdown period. Many people are using dating clone apps
a lot especially, the dating app Tinder all over the world. Tinder is provided with many features within this three to four months and still expects the new feature to be released.

Here I am going to speak about the features provided in Tinder during Covid-19.

The first is the passport feature launched in early  March 2020, the user can change the location on his own and can see a lot of profiles near the location and swipe them unlimitedly.  Users can switch over to every place easily and can be filtered based on age. 

In late March, the passport feature was included in the Tinder Plus option to pay a 5$ per month plan. 


Latest Feature

Tinder introduces a new feature for the verification of the profile.

The verification badge will appear near the profile name. The verification is done by the facial recognition feature to ensure the real you. The facial recognition photo will compare the profile photos and then verify the photo. 

How to get the Verified badge

The profile should be matched by taking two selfies if it is matched the verification badge will be given to your profile.

The two selfie pose will be different for every user. The first selfie pose will be 

verified and then only the second pose will be given.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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