Tinder Is Working On A New Local & Global Switching Mode | #tinder | #pof

Though times are hard for dating, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are still looking for a way to connect, even if online.

Tinder, the most popular online dating platform, speculated this need for connection and is now working on providing a feature that will allow users to quickly switch between local and global matches.

A tweet by engineer Jane Manchun Wong reveals that Tinder users will soon be able to see two moded, Local and Global, without having to select a location manually. 

Therefore, those who are looking forward to dating ‘outside their comfort zone’ will soon benefit from a feature that makes it easier. Once all your local options have been exhausted, you can tap the global button to see profiles from around the world.

As we’ve previously reported, the company is also working on a “one-to-one live video” that would arrive in the second quarter of this year, as dating via video calls has been the closest thing to seeing in others during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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