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Online dating apps might be skewed in favour of good looking people, but there is only so far looks can take you. Finding a match might not be so hard, even for lazy swipers, but engaging in small talk via texts is an eventuality if a mutual fascination is established, especially since the coronavirus outbreak has made in-person meetings infeasible.

Introverts, and those who choose not to share much information on their profile bios, are at a distinct disadvantage. To lend a helping hand, Tinder has introduced Prompts, a new feature that allows users to add questions or statements to their profiles so they’re able to showcase their interests to prospective dates, making it easier to start a conversation with people who are too lazy to type out long bios.


The prompts are displayed in the form of cards that can be arranged below one’s profile photo, just like other media.

Some of the prompts on offer include: “Two truths and a lie,” “I’m talking to my pet about…” and other casual questions that offer a sneak peak into users’ worlds, giving the other person a conversation starter, and perhaps gauge compatibility. The blanks have to be filled and added to one’s profile via the icon in the top right corner of the phone app.

The prompts are displayed in the form of cards that can be arranged below one’s profile photo, just like other media. Tinder said it will bring out new prompts so as to prevent things from going stale. Tinder caters to a wide demographic, and the introduction of Prompts is likely to go down well with users who have very little to show or tell besides a few pre-pandemic travel photos and lockdown-related pickup lines.

Cue cards with nuggets of personal information is not a new concept. Hinge, a sister app owned by Match Group which also control Tinder, has had prompts for a while, as has Bumble.

Finding Love Online Can Be A Cakewalk, Just Avoid These Seven Mistakes

Get Rid Of These Dating Profile Mistakes

27 Jul, 2017

Everything in this world has become digital now. You can even find love by just one swipe of your finger. But some restrictions imposed by photo and character limits leave some of us at a bit of a loose end.

According to The Independent, two Reddit users asked men and women to list the red flags they’ve seen on dating profiles.

These are the seven mistakes people make while writing about themselves in a dating app bio:

Details Always Help

27 Jul, 2017

The Blank Profile

You’ve already gone to the effort of creating a profile, typing your name and age, maybe you even uploaded one pic. What else do they need?

Who Likes a Narcissist?

27 Jul, 2017

Bathroom Selfies

Firstly, that flash is obscuring the torso/chest/face you’re obviously desperate to show off. Secondly, you’re clearly a bit of a narcissist/you don’t get out much, hence the bathroom. Thirdly, don’t think we can’t see that there’s a toilet in the background.

Please Don’t be Vain

27 Jul, 2017


Short of stating your shoe size and your contact lens prescription, writing your height in your bio essentially translates to the following “I’m not interesting, I’m not witty, but I sure am tall”.

Groupfie Much?

27 Jul, 2017

The group profile picture

Not only is this confusing as we have no idea who you are, but it immediately leads us to believe that you are the least attractive person in the photograph. Not a good start. Either bag yourself some beastly friends or play it safe with a solo pic.

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