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Tinder was launched on 12th September 2012. The networking and dating app has been one of the topmost used apps to date. It allows users from all over the globe in meeting the person of their preference. Once two users have matches, they can exchange messages go on dates, and even have a relationship.

And now the geosocial networking giant has added yet another feature to its app. This feature will allow users to play in-app trivia contests with an option to live stream it as well. As the world is in lockdown, there couldn’t have been a better time to announce this feature.

Tinder’s Testing Its New Trivia Feature

As we mentioned earlier, Tinder has unveiled a brand new feature. This will now allow users to have an in-app trivia contest with an option of live streaming as well. Tinder confirmed to The Verge on Thursday (7/05/2020) that it is currently testing the new interactive video feature in the form of Trivia.

However, there has been no announcement regarding the official launch of this new feature due to the dynamic game mechanism. But we do know that this new feature will be released to only a handful and undisclosed percentage of users. Screenshots of the feature suggest the game will between a group of people who can broadcast live. Viewers will be able to comment on the ongoing live stream as well.

Tinder has slowly introduced video and interactive experiences on the app. This has managed to attract more number of users than before by making the dating world more dynamic. It first looped in the GIF feature followed by the Swipe Night. Though Swipe Night was a limited run, it did manage to get customers to the app.

After years of testing, it is confirmed that Tinder will be launching its one-on-one video feature this year. But this trivia feature will certainly help connect and have something to do rather than just messaging. And in a time of crisis such as this, people desperately need something to do.

Tinder has already started testing the new feature which will help the app experiment with live video functionality while matching up with people.


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