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So your Tinder profile pics are looking incredible and your bio is the perfect mix of sexy and funny but you still can’t get any matches to respond to you. Don’t give up on hot vax summer just yet. Here is what the dating experts have to say about why you’re struggling to get your match’s attention.

? Your Message Didn’t Include A Question. If your go-to opening line is “hey” or an emoji, it’s time to get more creative. Professional dating profile writer Eric Resnick says “the best move is to ask them a question about something in their profile.” More specifically one they can’t answer with a yes or a no.

? Your Message Was Too Lengthy. According to dating expert Meredith Golden, “long-winded is unattractive on apps.” In other words, if your opening message requires any scrolling… there is no way they’re reading it. Keep things short, sweet, and to the point.

? Your Message Wasn’t Original. You might be getting ignored simply because they’ve heard your pickup line before. Like a million times. Stop relying on jokes or lines you’ve stolen from the web and start being authentic if you want people to get excited about messaging back.

? Your Message Relied Too Much On Emojis. Emojis are best used in moderation. Dating coach Erika Ettin says “using too many emojis causes someone’s eyes to glaze over because they don’t want to have to decipher each one.” If your message is looking like hieroglyphics, start using words instead.

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