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Tinder announced that it will now be launching its Face to Face video chat feature for all its app users. This essentially means you will now be able to meet a potential partner virtually, without the need of meeting him or her in person. Rightfully so, the launch of this feature could not have been at a better time considering how we are currently facing a pandemic at hand.


If you’re worried about how this feature might affect your privacy, Tinder has mentioned that its company will ensure control along the way, while prioritising the safety of its users too. However, it is worth noting that no specific rules or instructions have been revealed on how they intend to protect your privacy through this service yet.

To utilise this feature, you will first be required to gain a mutual match from another user on Tinder. Upon doing so, both participants will need to tap on the video icon if they wish to utilise the Face to Face feature for a virtual meet-up. However, if you choose to reject the said call from the other participant-in-waiting, you may toggle off the call at any given time without restrictions.

While this feature has certainly paved a convenient path for potential dating partners, Tinder mentions that the company will not be held responsible should there be an occurrence of any sort of harassment while a video call session is underway.

At the time of writing, the feature is said to be already available in selected countries such as in the US, Brazil, Australia, among others with Malaysia out of its list for now. Still, it could be just a matter of time until Tinder introduces this feature here. So, as usual, keep the Tinder app updated to receive this feature on time when it has been made available.

(Source: Engadget)

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