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Tinder wants to remind you that you can report someone who has unmatched you.

Tinder is making it easier for users to report the bad actors who misuse the Unmatch feature. The dating app is making it clear that users can, in fact, report the abusers who have used the Unmatch button in an attempt to escape accountability for their actions.

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Reminder: Unmatched Users Can Still Be Reported

Tinder’s Unmatch feature was put in place to let users remove potential dates from their Match List. It’s meant to be used for circumstances in which the match just didn’t work out, the user felt uncomfortable, or even for an accidental swipe.

Unfortunately, some users have taken to misusing the feature, and have used the Unmatch button in an attempt to drop the victims that they’ve abused.

Now, Tinder is trying to make it easier for users to report someone who has unmatched them. A post on the Tinder Blog reminded users that they always have been able to report unmatched dates.

Despite the fact that the feature has always been there, Tinder acknowledged that some of its “members believe that they cannot report someone who has unmatched them.” In response, the platform now plans on “making it easier to report someone in-app who has used the Unmatch feature.”

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Tinder notes that it will soon add the Safety Shield directly inside Match Lists. Upon clicking on the Safety Shield, you’ll be directed to Tinder’s Safety Center, “where information about how to report someone who isn’t displayed on the Match List will be front and center.”

That said, the app still doesn’t explicitly display instructions on how to report someone who has unmatched you. You’ll have to navigate through a couple of windows before you can get the information you’re looking for.

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Tinder Also Joins Forces With RAINN

In addition to the changes coming to Tinder’s Match List, the app also announced a partnership with RAINN, an anti-sexual violence organization. Match, Tinder’s parent company, revealed the update in a post on the Match Newsroom.

The app’s partnership with RAINN is meant to help “provide product recommendations to improve existing and future reporting, messaging, and other safety features,” as well as “cultivate safer online communities and provide survivors of sexual assault with the resources and support they need.”

Making Tinder Safe for Dates

Tinder is a great place to find a potential partner, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Dating apps are often a target for scams and catfishing, which is why it’s important to always remain wary when making the decision to meet your match in person.


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