Tinder Plus costs more if you’re a straight man aged over 50, investigation finds | #tinder | #pof

How Tinder discriminates on price: Men and women, gay and straight, young and old all pay at different rates – and one group pays FIVE TIMES more than others

  • Tinder Plus has been charging different amounts based on sex, age and location
  • Investigation by consumer group Choice found users had different monthly fees
  • Straight men over the age of 50 were being charged the highest monthly fees
  • Queer women under thirty had the lowest Tinder Plus fees at just $6.99 a month 

Tinder premium users that are over 50, straight and male are being charged as much as five times more than other Australian users, a consumer watchdog has found.

The revelation came after consumer affairs magazine Choice set up 60 different accounts with the dating app’s paid service Tinder Plus, each with a different age, gender, and sexual preference profile.

The mystery users then compared the prices of their subscriptions to people with other preferences on their profiles. 

The results found that those aged over 30 and looking to find love were charged nearly double their younger users, forking out between $14.99 and $34.37 instead of $6.99 and $16.71 a month.

Meanwhile, queer women under 30 living in metro areas were charged the least with fees costing just $6.99 a month.

Tinder Plus has been found to be charging different users based on their age, gender and sexual orientation, an investigation has found

The investigation found queer women living under 30 in metro areas were being charged the least on Tinder Plus at just $6.99 a month (file image)

Choice Director of Campaigns Erin Turner said the results were alarming because the dating app had no warnings about price differences.

‘We found prices between $6.99 to over $34 for a one month subscription to Tinder Plus,’ she said.

‘Nowhere on Tinder’s website, privacy policy, or in its terms and conditions does the company say that it will charge you a different price based on your personal data.

‘Based on our mystery shop, we know that Tinder is using age to set different prices. But even within age groups, we saw a range of prices, demonstrating that there are other factors at play that Tinder is yet to explain.’

Other results from the different accounts made by mystery shoppers showed that gay men under 30 were being charged anywhere between $7.99 and $15.10.

A straight woman aged over 50 in a regional area was being charged $27 whereas a man under 30 living in a regional area was asked to pay only $13-$16 a month.

The highest monthly fees were levied on straight men over the age of 50, who were forking out $34. 

‘It is really concerning that we don’t know what information about us Tinder is using to determine these personalised prices,’ Ms Turner said.

An investigation by Choice shows the different prices Tinder Plus users are being charged per month

A straight man over the age of 50 were found to be paying the most at $34 a month (file image)

‘When we contacted the company and asked them how they set their prices, and why they charge people different rates, we were met with radio silence.’

Choice has since made a formal complaint to the ACCC asking them to investigate if Tinder was in breach of any consumer laws.

A spokesperson for Tinder told Daily Mail Australia that the vast majority of its users only accessed the free service.

‘However, we do offer a variety of subscription options and paid a la carte features designed to help our members stand out and match with new people more efficiently,’ the spokesperson said.

‘Our pricing varies by a number of factors. We frequently offer promotional rates – which can vary based on region, length of subscription, bundle size and more. 

‘We also regularly test new features and payment options.’

Tinder is free for most but those who sign up to the paid service of Tinder Plus will pay a monthly fee (file image)

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