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Tinder Swipe Night is an online and interactive experience that will take place on the flirting app from September 12th.

The event has a series format and shows a group of friends hours before an asteroid hits Earth. The user, while watching the content, must make some choices that directly impact the direction of the story and also influence their next matches in the app. This is another way that the social network found to connect people, especially during the period of social isolation.

The Swipe Night episodes will air for three weekends in September. The interactive event was produced by big names in the industry and is unprecedented in Brazil and other countries, since the first edition was broadcast only in the United States, last year. The premiere was expected to take place in March, but the coronavirus pandemic made Tinder rethink its plans. TechTudo had access to the first episode of Tinder Swipe Night and explains the details of the experience below.

What is Tinder Swipe Night?

Swipe Night is an interactive series that can be watched by Tinder users in the dating app itself. The plot tells the story of three friends, Molly, Lucy and Graham, and the user takes on the role of protagonist. The plot is in the first person and takes place at the end of the world, when an asteroid is about to hit Earth. As the story unfolds, the characters are challenged with some dilemmas and the user is the one who must make the choices. He only has seven seconds to make each decision and the main ones appear on his profile, which can be used as material to raise the subject with the matches.

Tinder’s goal with Swipe Night is to propose a new experience to users that can entertain them and help them make new connections in the app. At the same time, the event features some actions that are already familiar, such as swiping the screen to the side when making a choice. This is the same movement that people make when they like or dislike a suitor in the app.

Paul Boukadakis, vice president of Special Initiatives at Tinder, says there is no “right or wrong”. Each person will live a unique experience that reflects their decisions throughout history. The idea is to see what each one would do if they knew that the world would end and use these actions to cause interactions between members of the application. “In Swipe Night, there are no wrong choices. Each choice takes the user to an interesting experience”, explains the executive.

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