Tinder tests new video call feature | #tinder | #pof

In the dating app Tinder, a new Face to Face feature has appeared: with it, you can communicate via video communication with the person you like. This option is currently available only in 13 countries and regions, company representatives said.

However, even in these countries and states, the new feature is not available to everyone: limited groups conduct testing.

The US states, which have already partially launched a video call service: Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, and Colorado, as well as countries: Brazil, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Peru, Chile, and Taiwan.

In order to make a call, you must have the consent of both parties to the video chat. Just before the conversation, you need to confirm that you accept the rules of the administration of the service, for example, a ban on the demonstration of the genitals and other “sexual content”. As well as any hate speech, violence, and other illegal actions.

The test mode is needed in order to evaluate the technical part of Face to Face, as well as the level of load on the servers, the company noted.

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