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  • The outbreak of COVID-19, the worst health crisis of our time, has made social distancing a must in different parts of the world.

    People are staying home and working to get things done via video-conferencing services.

    Now, at a time like this, Tinder is working to launch some interesting new features, including a ‘global mode’, to up its game.

    Here’s all about it.

  • Impact

    Dating has been affected by COVID-19

  • Ever since COVID-19 started spreading, the online dating industry has been significantly hit.

    This is because, even if you meet someone on an online dating app, you cannot go out and meet them in person, due to all the social distancing and shelter-in-place orders being enforced by authorities.

    Not to mention, most public places, from restaurants to theaters, are closed right now.

  • Feature #1

    Tinder is coming with video calling to help users adjust

  • To survive at a time like this and help its users continue dating in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 world, Tinder is bringing a video-calling feature.

    The feature is set to be tested in the US and is expected to be rolled-out for users in all parts of the world by the end of this year, Tinder CEO Elie Seidman told Livemint.

  • Quote

    Here’s what Seidman said on the video feature

  • “We’ve accelerated our timeline for the one-to-one video feature that will roll-out on a test basis to a small group of members by the end of June. I expect it’ll take the rest of the year for most members around the world to get.”

  • Feature #2

    Plus, there will be a new ‘global mode’

  • Before video calling, Tinder will also launch a ‘Global mode’ to let users find matches in other parts of the world.

    “We ask, ‘Are you interested in people locally or globally?’ If you choose ‘Global’, and if someone in London or Delhi also says ‘Global’, we allow these people to connect,” Seidman said, while explaining the capability set to be rolled-out this week.

  • Quote

    Travel restrictions will not be a problem

  • Seidman said COVID-19-related travel restrictions will affect some willing to meet but not everyone. “For Global Mode, where you end up connecting with someone three countries away, that is still a meaningful connection even if it never ends up in the physical world.”

  • Feature #3

    Finally, new options to start conversations

  • Tinder is also working on new prompts and activities to help people start conversations and connect emotionally, something that can be complicated while matching in the global pool.

    “You’ll see us experiment with a variety of new things and activities to facilitate connections,” Seidman added. “So things like Swipe Night (first-person interactive experience rolled out in the US last year) or a Trivia Night.”

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