Tindog: A dating app for dogs…and their owners

Have you ever gone on a date with someone who didn’t share your passion for dogs? Wasn’t a very nice time, was it? Now, according to a report by iDigital Times on June 25, there is a new dating app for dogs…and their owners, of course. It is called Tindog and it is Tinder for dogs, seriously. Now you can find someone who has the same passion for dogs as you do and have a nice time getting to know them and their dog, of course.

The new dog dating app was created by a company in London who boards dogs and cats called, Holidog. The app users geographical information to find a match for you to either find new friends or a date. Either way, you get to find someone with a dog who also loves dogs like you do. Just like with Tinder, you can swipe through profiles to find someone for you.

According to the Android Police, Tindog is easy to use too. You upload a photo of you and your dog and you can even have a profile just for your dog and one for you separate. After creating your profile and one for your dog if you want to, you and your dog can go through the different member profiles to see if you two can find someone who interests you and your dog both, because you do have to have your dog’s approval too, of course. Once you find someone you are interested in, send them a message through the app and set up a time to meet them and their dog. Next step? Enjoy yourself with your new friend and their dog. Sounds fun, right?

Source: Examiner

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