Tips on Dating a Workaholic


The dating game can be exciting and also sometimes difficult. Finding someone who we love puts us on a serious high and before we know, the world looks so much more positive. However, sometimes relationship does bring in challenges which we must learn to live with. If you are dating a workaholic, this guide will help you in dealing with this issue and avoiding making a huge conflict out of it.

The first question you have to ask yourself is, do you understand what it is like to be career obsessed? As human beings, we all define our identity in one way or another. If you walk up to a stranger and ask them who they are, they might introduce themselves as let’s say a painter. However, there are a few people in this society, who seek their identity at their workplace. Workaholics are typically job focused. They like the idea of success and go to great lengths to achieve it. They often don’t like the idea of failing and are usually perfectionists. A workaholic may or may not be able to change their priorities. Their goal in life is to succeed at work. According to a research, workaholics often have a parent who had really high expectations out of them.

The next question to ask yourself is, what are you willing to live with in this relationship? Are you comfortable with only seeing a limited amount of your partner? Do you think that monogamy is impossible because you simply need more love? Do you think that the time you get to spend with your partner is valuable enough even if it’s in limited quantities? The truthful answers to these questions will help you in the longer run in managing this relationship.

You should be honest with yourself and your partner about your desires.

Dating a workaholic requires a huge amount of focus to maintain the relationship. The most effective way to make this relationship successful is through open communication. Also, you should find a few individual hobbies, which you can indulge in when your partner is busy at work. If you ever wanted to learn swimming or maybe start surfing, this might be the right time in life to learn that hobby.

If you are dating a workaholic, you may be tempted to try to test the limits and check the level of devotion of your significant other. After all, it’s normal to know what is more significant, the relationship or the job. Alas, using these types of approaches is not only manipulative and unfair, you’re probably not going to like the responses that you will receive. Such a tactic will only lead to the low point of the relationship.

While dating single professional men does have a few negatives, there are some perks in such dating as well. Professional singles are often reliable and are good providers in a long-term relationship. Also dating a workaholic means that you would have enough time to engage in your social activities. If you’re a person who likes their own private space, this relationship will offer you that perk. Maybe someday your workaholic partner will watch you through the window while sitting in their work chair and realize that they are missing out on the best experience that life has to offer. But until they do, can you accept them for who they are?

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