Tips to make your #monsoon #love making a pleasure


Monsoon is here and so is the queen of romance and love making season. Soft winds, gentle drops of rain and flashes of lightning and thunder – the nature usually sets the mood on for a perfect love making during monsoon. Its time to get drenched in rain and then soak in the warmth of your significant other. What if you add a little more to it and spice up your sex life during rains? Here are some tips that will make your love life special this monsoon.

Go for a long drive and have it in car: Might sound filmy but trust me, you will get the adventure of life. Nothing can be better than a passionate love making in the car on an isolated highway with rain drops pattering on your car top. It is beautiful to be on each other’s arms under the roaring sky in the cozy, warm seat.

Try it out with a yummy cup of hot chocolate: A steaming cup of hot chocolate along with rain and thunders outside, nothing more is needed to roll you in bed for a memorable love making. The passion of chocolate will anyway stimulate your sexual desire and all you will have is complete pleasure.

Do it in the rain: When it is monsoon, you must not skip making love in the rain. It is almost like playing hide and seek with the nature, finding out a secret corner on your rooftop, getting drenched and then making love and warming each other up. It will give a whole new meaning to your love life.

Cuddle up under the blanket: It is raining and cold outside and what else do you want than cuddling up with your partner under a warm, cozy blanket and make love. It will be so full of affection and feeling with each other that you will experience the best one in your life.

Go camping and make love: In case you get a break together, plan out a holiday and go camping or tenting in the monsoon. A waterproof tent and warmth of love within is the best combo to light a spark worth remembering.

Have it after a long walk in the rain: Go for a long walk with your partner, share an umbrella and be cozy. Get back home and make love. It will be a pleasing one and will never want to let go monsoons.