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Don’t let a pandemic stop you from finding your one true love! Introducing Tinder’s new Face-To-Face Video call feature, developing and humanising the Tinder experience.  

The global pandemic has initiated a huge technological advancement with all sectors moving online in an attempt to maintain traffic. With regard to socialising, it all began with Zoom: Zoom pub quizzes, Zoom wine nights, Zoom catch-ups… the list was endless, everything could be done on Zoom. Except when it lost its hype. Everything was too calculated, formal and impersonal. 

To reinvent the idea of online dating, Tinder has introduced their new feature: face-to-face calling. This announcement has divided the population massively on Twitter with many users confused how this would be taken seriously.  about

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When two people now match, an icon will appear in the chat room asking if you’re interested in the face-to-face calling feature. When both parties accept, the feature will be activated.  The match will not be alerted if the user decides to decline the feature – texting is still an option, don’t worry! This new feature, however, gives you a chance to take your pick-up lines to the stage, allowing users to get to know each other whilst remaining in the comfort of their own home. 

Face-to-Face calling allows users to have an online date in an accessible and easy manner. Whether it’s a wine night, game of charades or pub quiz that counts as your first date, it is now all possible through Tinder: perfect mid-pandemic socialising. 

It will be interesting to see how popular this feature is when Tinder is known for its short-term relationships and one-night stands, however, this feature humanises the app and allows for some new opportunities in the online dating world, just in time to save the social life of young adults!

Maybe we should be taking advice from Orangutans instead, who seem to be doing a better job at online dating than we are… Check out this article to see the introduction of Tinder into a Dutch Zoo. Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds but we need all the help we can get! 

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