To Tinder or not to Tinder | #tinder | #pof

To Tinder or not to Tinder: this is the question on single students’ minds.

For some, finding love is a hard thing to do while trying to balance schoolwork and a part-time job. Singles tend to consider downloading the little flame to help with their quest.

Is the camp fire tale of finding love on tinder true? Is love just a swipe away?

Here are a couple of the tales submitted by fellow SAIT students to help you make up your mind.


Accidental dine and dash

One time I was out with friends, celebrating one of their birthdays, and we went out to Galaxy Karaoke. As we were having a good time screaming along to the Backstreet Boys, I go out to the main till to get myself a water. The person at the till so happened to be another one of my Tinder matches – I had been ghosting him.

He recognized me. I scurried away. I felt very awkward and refused to go back to the till again, but as we were leaving, we forgot to pay the tab. A worker yelled for us to come back.

We went back. Afterwards, I got a snap asking if my friend and I were actually trying to dine and dash. Haven’t gone back to that karaoke bar since.


Boning in the boneyard

I matched with a guy a year ago. We went on a date to a graveyard, we boned. Then we proceeded to never speak again.


Dude where’s my car?

 I got my car towed during a date with a guy from Tinder and we spent the afternoon listening to music together at the impound lot.


Happily ever after

I found my boyfriend on Tinder; our first date was normal. We went to a restaurant, then to a movie right after. There were no red flags that I could tell. I initially downloaded Tinder because my friends were going on multiple first dates. I heard the horror stories, but I said I might as well do it.

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