The #top 10 #mistakes you’re #making on your #dating profile

There’s a reason why your match list is running dry

If you are single and living in London, chances are you’ve tried your hand at online dating.

Whether this be via app or traditional dating websites, we all know it’s seriously hard to meet people in real life and so we opt for a little virtual help.

And more often than not, we’re left disappointed – so where are we going wrong?

Dating app Badoo has teamed up with relationship expert Lady Nadia Essex to reveal the biggest mistakes singles are making on their dating profiles. Here goes …

1. You are revealing too much information

It’s best to keep your bio short, sweet and to the point. We get you had a great time in Ibiza in 2013 but please leave your extensive travel history out of it.

2. But there’s also such a thing as too much mystery

Blank bio = swipe left.

3. You only have group pics

This is a dating app, not a game of ‘Where’s Wally’.

4. Don’t treat it as a CV

Buzz words include ‘fun’, ‘bubbly’ and ‘intelligent’.

5. Everyone’s a grammar nerd

Poor grammar is the biggest turn off.

6. If you’re no good at openers, use a gif

The old ‘Hey, how’s your day going’ isn’t exactly an eye-catcher.

7. Honesty is important

Be clear about what you’re looking for and don’t lead others on.

8. Don’t swipe left automatically

Their first photo might just be a bad angle, look through the others and give them a chance.

9. Never, ever send an unsolicited photo

Even if the conversation is turning that way, use your manners and ask first.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask someone out on a date

General banter is great, but you won’t know if you’re really into the person until you meet up, so bite the bullet and ask them out.

Now you’ve got your guidelines, go date, love and be merry.