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A usual date night prior to the coronavirus lock down may have included a nice dinner out, followed by a few drinks and a movie.

Cancelled music events, closed bars and isolation rules calls for some new ways to bond, so whether you are in love or finding love here are some isolation date ideas.

1. Take an online cooking class togther

What better time to take up cooking than when you and your partner are stuck inside?

Recipes and YouTube tutorials are only a few clicks away, but if you want the charm and talents of a Greek chef, Greece’s Masterchef winner Akis Petretzikis is your man.

Aki posts recipes on his Facebook page including Greek classics like beftekia and even has recipes for various dietary requirements on his website.

2. Learn how to make cocktails

Why not pair your date night cooking with some mixology?

Now is the time to break out that strange liqueur you got for a birthday gift that has been sitting at the back of your pantry.

If you’re Greek though, there is a high chance you have a bottle of ouzo somewhere in the house.
Here is a list of 70 ouzo based cocktails you can try out.

3. Order in!

Okay, so you burned the homemade spanakopita and spilled the ouzo all over the bench, throw in the towel and order in.

You can satisfy your taste buds whilst also supporting your local businesses like Gracie Greco in Camberwell or Spitaki Souvlaki in Fairfield. Happy UberEats scrolling!

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4. Zoom Date

Unfortunately not everyone lives with their partner.

Technology has been a massive help in keeping family and friends feel connected during such an uncertain time through video chat.

Zoom has become very popular allowing users to use fun backgrounds when chatting. Download an image from and you can spend your date on a sunny beach in Greece.

Grab your cocktail and have a date on the beach..sort of Photo: Unsplash

5. Watch a music performance

Cancelled music concerts have not stopped musicians putting of performances online for fans to enjoy.

Check out your favourite artists’ together on their Facebook and Instagram pages for live streams and prerecorded shows.

6. Learn some Greek dances

Get your Zorba on! There will undoubtedly be a bunch of events that have been postponed until measures soften so take the chance to learn some traditional Greek dances.

There is nothing YouTube can’t teach you.

7. Virtual museum tours

If you get tired of your partner stepping on your toes with their two left feet, perhaps try a virtual museum tour.

Some have had to cancel their plans for their Greek summer holiday but you can still check out their museums online.

The Benaki Museum in Athens hosts virtual museum tours and if you want something a little more local Melbourne’s Immigration Museum is also letting you take a look around.

8. Game night

A classic date night in always includes some boards games.

Tavli (backgammon) is a staple in Greek homes and cafes, but if you have a deck of cards try a game of Biriba or Koum Kan.

9. Movie night

Maybe the competitive side of your date is a little too intense for you…take it down a notch with a movie night.

There are a plethora of movies from the golden age of Greek film and if you need some inspiration, Instagram page lovegreekcinema has a bunch of short clips to help you decide.

10. Find love

To go on dates you need to have….a date!

If you are struggling to find a good Greek boy or girl on Tinder or Bumble, give a go.

Isolation gives people the chance to really get to know who they are dating.

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