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The dating business has improved during this corona pandemic and people are meeting and talking to each other virtually. The number of dating application users increased a lot compared to the pre corona period. The number of features is also increased in all the dating apps during this time to improve the user’s engagement towards the application. All of them used the new features and experienced a new way of dating. One of the best dating applications that everyone has known is Tinder.

Tinder is an online dating application that connects people based on interests with the swiping feature. Tinder is an oligopoly application in the dating business with a high numbered of users.  Many business-minded people are thinking about to start a Tinder-like application with the help of Tinder Clone

Best Tinder Clone In 2021

1) Igniter From Trioangle Technologies

Igniter is an online dating application similar to tinder working with the same functionalities and features. The updates provided by Tinder can also be included for the business based on the requirement. The igniter is developed with the latest technology stack. The igniter is provided with the number of features which are listed below,

  • Multiple Sign-Up/Sign-In Option
  • Search Filters
  • In-App Purchases For Subscription
    • Igniter Gold
    • Igniter Plus
    • Boosts 
    • Super-Like
  • Profile Management
  • Audio Call, Video Call, Live Streaming Options

What Are The Revenue Generation Techniques

Users can subscribe to the plans like Igniter Gold, Igniter Plus, Boosts, Unlimited swipes. These are the revenue generation techniques for business owners to earn.

Igniter Gold Option Includes

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Free Boosts Every Month
  • Super Likes Daily
  • Passport Feature
  • Unlimited Rewinds

Igniter Plus Option Includes

  • Profile Control
  • Swipe Around The World
  • Free Boosts
  • Super Likes
  • Unlimited Rewinds
  • Unlimited Likes

These are the main monetization features available in Igniter – Tinder Clone and the features available for the users.

2) Howzu From Appkodes

Howzu is a dating application with the core features of Tinder and provided with the subscription packages for Entrepreneurs to earn.

Features Provided By Appkodes

  • Audio and Video Call
  • Instant Chat
  • Filter
  • Easy To Control Profiles
  • Unlimited Likes

Revenue Generation Techniques

  • Google Ad-sense
  • Premium Membership
  • Boosts and Super Like 

3) Datum From Appscrip

Datum is a Tinder Clone with the features like swipe and match, a news feed, chats, audio, and video call feature, subscription plans with Coins wallet. Earnings wallet is available in Datum to gift the matched one inside the app model. Withdraw money is a feature user’s earnings wallet can now be withdrawn by them.

Datum is not a full-fledged Tinder Like App only a part of it is there. This type of business model is different compared to Tinder.

Revenue Generation

  • Extra Swipes and Likes
  • Chatting With Unmatched Profiles
  • Random Matches
  • Promotional Videos
  • In-App Advertisements
  • Datum Subscriptions
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Datum Coins

There are different Tinder Clone scripts available in the market. Now it is a choice for Entrepreneurs to choose the best online dating clones.

For a quick launch of the dating business and hit success with the Dating Clone app
with benefits. The reliable tinder clone should be developed using the latest technology stack. The number of monetization features on the tinder clone should be included and check that suits based on the requirements.

The tinder clone should be provided with all the features available in Tinder with improving user experience with new features based on the needs.

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