Top 5 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Find Love


You might think that as an entrepreneur working in the dating tech sphere, I have my love life sorted. However, as any fellow self-starters will agree, working on your own business is all-encompassing.

When you are working 20 hours a day, no matter what industry you work in – you have to establish a work-life balance to nurture a romantic relationship.

After a long relationship, I decided to try online dating, I registered for two sites and thought that not only the quality of people, but also the design and user experience was disappointing. I decided that this could be done better, and started to build a dating platform with a focus on the highest quality.

Based on my experience of setting up my own dating website, The Inner Circle, here are my 5 tips for entrepreneurs to find love:

1)      More offline less online. Offline is the new online, people have started to realise that meeting up offline is the key to finding love, the web is merely a facilitator. This is why our site has such a strong focus on events – the idea is not to create virtual relationships but genuine, honest ones.

2)      Meeting your love interest should be simple and fun. Playing games is overrated – at the end of the day, especially when time is of issue, you want her/his interest to be clear. Organising a fun day out with your love interest will increase the level of intimacy you share with them – you both get closer by sharing an experience, and she/he learns something new about you.

3)      Don’t talk about money. There is nothing more arrogant and off-putting than someone who can’t stop talking about money. Instead, focus on sharing your journey and how you got to where you are. Positive energy is key, you should never position yourself above somebody else.

4)      Develop hobbies. Career isn’t everything, you’ve got to have a secondary playground – this increases your chances of meeting someone like-minded. I, for instance, divide my time between filming, cooking, football, tennis, and chess when I’m not on the job.

5)      Book a vacation. Going on a short holiday, even just a weekend will help you disconnect with work. If you don’t have a partner in crime, our site will give you access to eligible singletons and exclusive parties anywhere from Amsterdam to Copenhagen and Barcelona.

The key for entrepreneurs to find love has to do with work-life balance in general. The ethos of The Inner Circle is that we know how time is so precious so and making sure we use that occasional chance to unwind effectively is key to overall success.

The motivation behind The Inner Circle came from my own personal experience. I wanted to begin dating people that I had something in common with; being an entrepreneur it’s difficult to find another person who has the same workload so to streamline your search within a likeminded community is crucial.




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