Toronto man charged after allegedly infecting others with HIV


A Toronto man has been charged with aggravated sexual assault after he allegedly failed to disclose his HIV status and two men with whom he was intimate were diagnosed with HIV.

Toronto police issued a sexual assault alert Tuesday, June 20, noting they are concerned there may be more victims.

According to police, a man who was diagnosed with HIV in February 2011 met a 24-year-old man in July of that year. The two men reportedly met through an online classified personal advertisement and engaged in an intimate relationship.

The man diagnosed with HIV in February 2011 reportedly then met a 21-year-old man through an online dating website in December 2016 and also engaged in an intimate relationship with him.

Police allege the suspect failed to disclose his HIV status to both intimate partners, who have both been diagnosed with HIV.

Ala Al Safi, 27, of Toronto was arrested Monday, April 10 and charged with aggravated sexual assault. Safi was arrested again Monday, June 19 and charged with a second count of aggravated sexual assault.



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