AROUND TOWN: Local kids offer marriage advice

It’s the season of tulle and tuxes, tiered cakes and table settings. In honor of all the upcoming wedding celebrations, I thought you might enjoy some marriage advice from a few love experts. Where did I find such wise relationship specialists? At a local elementary school, of course.

My daughter’s second-grade teacher, the kind and lovely Allison Murphy at South River Elementary School, recently married a lucky gentleman named Charles Alves. To mark the special occasion, parents and students decided to organize a surprise classroom wedding shower.

One week before the wedding, while the students and Miss Murphy were out of the classroom, parents swooped in with decorations, flowers, fancy napkins, white-frosted cupcakes and chocolate-dipped strawberries. When Miss Murphy walked back into the classroom, the kids shouted, “Surprise! Surprise!”

Miss Murphy, ever the good sport, swooned a bit and feigned the perfect amount of shock. The kids crowded around her, offering hugs and high fives, delighted to celebrate such a wonderful teacher. (Full disclosure: The tower of treats may have contributed just a teeny bit to the excitement as well.)

The students were particularly thrilled to present Miss Murphy with a special gift—a book filled with their artwork and words. Every student had drawn a picture of what they envisioned Miss Murphy would look like on her wedding day. And, as you know, nothing quite captures physical beauty like a crayon in the hands of an 8 year old.

“I can only hope I look this good walking down the aisle!” exclaimed Miss Murphy, probably wondering if she could really pull off the elegant Circle Shoe, Invisible Nose look.

Additionally, each student wrote a few words of advice for a happy marriage. The comments ranged from sweet and innocent to practical and detailed.

Grab a pen, newlyweds, this is where it gets real:

“For a happy marriage, you should have kids or get a puppy.”

“Get along, have fun and love each other.”

“Do nice things like get coffee for each other.”

“Laugh together.”

“Never go to bed mad. Always say ‘I love you.’”

“Remember it’s a magical day. Stay positive. Don’t trip.”

“My advice for a happy marriage is to never begin a sentence with the word ‘you.’”

“Get a good job.”

“Eat a lot of cake and invite a lot of friends and make sure you drink a lot of chocolate from the chocolate fountain.”

Source: Wicker Local Marshfield

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