Traditional #dating #rules that are #keeping you #single

The dating game has evolved over time. What was once the norm is today perceived to be outdated. It is time to break these rules or risk being called old-fashioned. Here are some you should avoid completely. 

Not taking initiative 

If you like someone, ask him out. There is no point in waiting for him to make the first move. Gone are the days when it was the guy’s job to ask a girl out on a date. Be confident, and win him over with your wit and charm.

Waiting for him to text
So you’ve snagged your first date with the man of your dreams. Don’t wait for him to set it up. Plan something fun that both of you can enjoy together. Also, do not hesitate to follow up for future dates. Just avoid sounding desperate or like you are stalking him.

Avoiding last-minute plans

Accepting a last-minute plan doesn’t make you look desperate or like you were waiting for him to ask you out. You could just come off as someone fun and spontaneous. At time same time, do not cancel preexisting plans to accommodate him.

Asking him to pay all the time
This one is a strict no-no. If you want to be treated like an equal, act like one. But if you don’t want to haggle over who pays the bill, let him get the first one and you can pay the next. That also gives you the opportunity to meet one more time.

No sex till the (fill number) date

This one is totally up to you. If you are comfortable with someone and have an instant connection with him, you could go all the way on the first date itself. Or, you could wait till the 20th date and get to know him better. Don’t let anyone pressure you into having or not having sex.    

Playing hard to get
While the chase can be fun, pushing it too far could push the guy away forever. So, if you want to be a tease, do go ahead. But know when to draw the line, so that the guy doesn’t tire of the chase.