Trent Allen Schep Florence Alabama


Warning; This is a public service warning against Trent Allen Schoepp (Also going as Trent Schep now) 12/27/75 originally from Kenosha, WI, lived all over in the past 10 years including Wilson AR, Birmingham AL, Amory MS, Memphis TN, Madisonville LA, Osceola AR, Bogalusa LA and currently resides in Florence AL.

Some of the names he goes by on the internet are Trentas , Trentas75 , Trentas78 , Trentas7800 , superdude7834 , rikker7800787878 , rikker78 and rikker1978 and many more!

Trent has been found guilty of cheating many times. He always blames anxiety and a personality disorder when caught but this guy knows exactly what he is doing! Trent is a habitual liar who can absolutely NOT be trusted. Trent will tell you that he has a college degree in computers which he doesn’t not as he NEVER went to college. He is on Social Security because of a disability but will tell you hes at work fixing computers but in reality he is sitting at home popping pills, playing video games, sleeping 12-16 hours a day or out meeting women.
Trent likes to meet women from all over Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee even Arkansas but the further the better so he doesn’t run into anyone he is currently dating. Trent will wine and dine you for a date or two but then thats it. He will then play broke so you buy everything and will continue doing so unless you put a stop to it. Trent tell you after a couple of dates that hes is falling for you, and is in love with you and has never felt like this before. If that doesn’t work at getting into a womans pants he will talk about marriage and how he wants a big wedding and wants the song to be Enya-Only time. With that being said Trent hates wearing protection and will bring the marriage bit, the love line or the “I trust you why don’t you trust me” in order to get out of wearing one. If that doesn’t work and you still insist on protection he will take it off while having sex and the woman won’t be the wiser until afterward. Women, you don’t want to get pregnant by Trent. He’s on SSI and doesn’t have to pay child support! He doesn’t even take care of the kids he already has, hasn’t even seen them in years! Trent doesn’t own his own business, home or car, his mom bought them for him and his mobile home is on his moms property just yards from her house.
This man can be so sweet, passionate, caring and convincing but it’s all just a game to him. Trent is a lying, cheating, borderline abusive sociopath. He will use every excuse to blame everyone and everything else on his mistakes and faults but he is smart. He is playing you. Don’t fall into his pit because if you do, and try to end it with him he will “Open a can of worms on you” as he says it. No matter what, it will not end well.

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