Trey Kennedy Video Family Members as Social Media Platforms | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

Trey Kennedy, the comedian behind videos spoofing things like what moms are like, how couples are during social distancing, and the difference between introverts and extroverts, is at it again with another hilarious take. This time around, he’s reimagining what family members would be like if they were each a designated social media platform. Obviously, most dads would be LinkedIn accounts and moms would make strong contenders for Facebook profiles.

But what about the kids? Well, that completely depends. Got a brooding teenager in the house? Then they’re probably a Twitter. And if selfies are more their thing, we have a feeling they would be a hard Instagram. The constantly enthusiastic would be YouTubes (think Jojo Siwa energy), and of course, if someone has a penchant for filming themselves dancing, then TikTok it is.

Watch until the end to see each family member’s take on their upcoming vacation to the Grand Canyon. Also, be sure to have a moment of silence for Vine amid all your laughter. We miss you so much, Vine.

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