Troy woman loses $703K in online swindle

A 58-year-old Troy woman has apparently been fleeced for $703,000 she voluntarily wired to a man who said he was in financial trouble in England.

The woman said she “met” the man – who identified himself as Danny Koch – on, a computer dating site, about a year ago, according to Troy Police Capt. Robert Redmond.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” said Redmond. “It’s another warning that supports why we and others always tell citizens to be careful when dealing with anyone who asks you for money on the internet.”

The woman, who was not identified by Redmond, came into the police station on March 18 to say employees at the Bank of America told her she should contact police.

The contact with the man online began around Feb. 7, 2016, she told police.

“He (Koch) said he was a widower and working on an oil rig near London,” said Redmond. “He told her he was having financial difficulties and she began wiring him money. He had promised to pay her back.”

Instead, she was contacted recently by someone posing as an Interpol director who informed her Koch had been arrested at the airport with a large sum of money that required payment of taxes.

She wired more funds to a provided address, Redmond said.

“The problem here is that it is not a crime to ask someone for money and for someone to voluntarily give someone money,” said Redmond. “It may be despicable but there is no crime.”


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