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Turn those horror dates into cash! A casting call is looking for people with disastrous dating experiences to be featured on CBC Gem’s True Dating Stories. You’ll even get paid for sharing your experience. 

According to the post on eBOSS Canada, they are looking for people 18 or over that live in Canada or the US. 

Compensation is $400 and couples are also welcome to apply and send in their stories together. 

“Do you have a disaster dating story you love to tell at parties? Did you get pulled over by the police and strip searched?” the casting call reads. “Did he get sick in the middle of the restaurant and leave you with the check? Did she pass out while making out and almost fall off the balcony?”

“Larue Entertainment wants to hear your dynamic, funny, elaborate and outrageous stories from YOUR dating life for their series.”

IMDb claims that the comedy series was created in 2015 and currently has two seasons featuring seven to 11-minute episodes. 

The description explains that the series follows “Real people telling their funniest, wildest and most embarrassing dating stories while hilarious recreations bring them life.”

On CBC Gem, eight episodes from season two are available to stream.

The first episode follows a girl named Phelisha, a young woman of colour who “agrees to date her cool, sexy co-worker” and is “shocked to see that he’s changed his whole look and attitude to try to appeal to her more on a cultural level.”

Another story follows a man named Glenn who gets “pumped when a buff guy asks him on a gym date, but as this arrogant hottie begins to reveal his strange quirks, self-obsession and serious roid rage, Glenn worries it might not ‘work out.'”

Other episodes follow disastrous experiences including dating a customer who turns out to be a huge creep and a female comic choking on stage in front of her dreamy Tinder date.

Check out the trailer below to get a peek at CBC Gem’s True Dating Stories!

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