The Truth About Dating Apps and How to Get It Right

Are you one of the 35% of people in this country who are unhappy with your single status? Are you searching for love on a dating app? Are you one of the 80% of people who know someone who has found love online, and are wondering when it’s going to be you? Well, perhaps with the right profile, equipped with the right mindset you just might find the love you’ve been looking for.

It is estimated that 15million singles in the UK are now registered for online dating. For people who live fast-paced life’s in the city, online dating has made it quick and easy to meet people. But have the dating apps on your phone brought you any closer to meeting Mr or Mrs right?
What’s increasingly becoming clear is that knowing how to successfully navigate the online world of dating requires a clear strategy.

A strategy which was revealed to me after speaking with three Londoners from different walks of life who shared their insights about online dating and how to get it right.

Jack, a 31-year old dancer from Cambridge who now lives in London says that the key to successfully dating online is having a great profile. ”The thing with me and online dating was that I was very precise, my profile was very in depth about who I was and what I was looking for. The people I know who haven’t had good experiences with online dating hadn’t put that much on their profile. I was very thoughtful about it, so I knew what I wanted to get from it,” explains Jack.

Statistics show that 24% of people using online dating said that their biggest reason for using the service was because they could be selective.

“An online profile is like a CV” states Jack. ”I don’t want to waste my time. The benefits about online dating is that I can select all these things that I’m interested in and I can see if those people are interested in the same thing, so we’ve got a good starting point. I didn’t get that when I was going out to meet people. I think it’s lovely to meet people that way, but for me it was about finding a connection with somebody who I wanted to be connected to, and that’s why it worked really well for me.”

Richard, a 34-year old city professional says he has been so successful with online dating that he received a message from Tinder, saying that he had completed the several stages of the App and that there was no one left for him to be matched with. He attributes this success to level of authenticity he brought to his profile, which he believes is a true representation of him and what he is looking for. ”One of my ex-girlfriends read my profile on Tinder and thought it was hilarious because it was so spot on. I didn’t go on there trying to be someone else. I’ve just been myself”

Although he hasn’t found the love of his life, he is enjoying the dating scene and is keeping his options open. ”Meeting girls online is just another option. Just like Facebook is just another way of communicating. It’s just another option that technology has created. I’m actually going on a date today, but I met her through a friend. I think it’s important not be completely dependent on meeting girls online.”

Lorna, a 32 media practitioner from London who is currently dating someone she met online says if you want to find love online you have to be strategic about it: “Know your objective before you step out online, are you looking for fun? Or are you actually looking to find love? You need to know what you’re objective is first, and if it’s just having fun, have fun, but don’t go on there and meet someone who’s not in the same head space as you because they might be looking for love and you’re looking for fun. When you’re using something like Tinder don’t just swipe yes, ask yourself would you want to take this further, could you visualise yourself going for a coffee with that person. And secondly know what platform you want to use. In terms of online dating we now have so many sites for different racial groups, different cultures and religions, there’s one for Muslims who want to meet other Muslims, there’s Jewish dating. Like everything today you have more choice but you have to shop around a bit more. You have to know what you’re looking for and if that’s the right platform for you. And lastly know what you want to get from it. Know what you want the resolution or the outcome to be.”

While it is undeniable that the search for love on a dating app can be a complicated one, it can also be an enjoyable one. According to statistics 17% of UK couples who recently married met online, so there is still hope. Keep your eyes open. Perhaps there are people who are already in your social circle who you might be compatible with but perhaps you haven’t seen as a potential mate because you reply on Tinder to do the matching for you. As Richard put it, online dating is just one of many options, if it’s not working for you then find another one that does work for you.

Source: The Huffington Post Lifestyle UK

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