25 thoughts on “Tuiasosopo: I Was The Voice Behind Te’o Hoax

  1. tss23818

    On the? other hand, we learned Mr. Te’o was a Playa Playa on the side..c’mon, skyping other girls behind the Lennay Kekua’s back? The “love of his life”. Lol I’m just glad it’s all out and over with.

  2. TheDahayanike

    Just watched the Dr. Phil show, I would like all the doubters about Manti’s story? to be humble and apologize.

  3. tisatoilolomosley

    God bless his soul!!! Let God do the judging and? punishment!

  4. shankerz82

    Even we know that wasn’t him on the? vmail..tell the truth fatty

  5. YesItsCod

    Okay..im gonna say this once..diss me again and ill slap the shyt out of you if? we ever cross paths. I aint no friendly ass youtube niqqa dont let my rhymes give u that impression. im no role model; just a playa that get ppl from shyt to fit ;nothing else..like i said, diss me again and ill? beat ya ass..

  6. WNYforLIFE

    Great rebuttal.
    Phil: You’re lying
    Tuias:? yep. no
    Phil: Experts agree it is nearly scientifically impossible for that to be you.
    Tuias: yea, nope.

  7. SN Manor

    SMH, that is a womans voice. Roniah did not act alone, I can’t be convinced otherwise. To me he had help, lots of it. Off topic, why am I just now realizing Todd Grisham is at ESPN?? Good for him

  8. Jim O'Donnelly

    Three drunk? guys would be pretty easy to scam.

  9. Jim O'Donnelly

    And that’s why he refused to do it. I’ve always thought that Tuiasosopo was a very closted gay? (his father is a minister with a home-based ‘church’, and probably very anti-gay), who used the internet to create a fantasy life as a beautiful woman, and then played Lennay to create an idealized romance – until the man he was catfishing caught on. Te’o’s only crime was being too trusting.

  10. Jim O'Donnelly

    I used to work as a voice actor, and of the 500 voices I did, about a dozen were female, and that tape sure sounds like a man’s voice (one with a lot of rehersal behind it) to me. Dr. Phil (who has no credibility to me) should have also sent those labs voice clips from Mel Blanc, Jim Henson and Frank Oz, in and out of character, and seen if the labs could match? them up, too. I doubt it.

  11. keyno2007

    that voice mail sounds like Diane? O’Meara.. this whole mess is crazy

  12. ibm1stlady

    Fucken? gay ass bitch your a disgrace to the tuiasosopo family n the Samoan race u faggot I hope u burn n rot in hell….ufa

  13. QuitJones

    lmao who is? trying to protect by lying? thats obviously a girls voice and was proven by the FBI, if he had a girl accomplice than she has to come forward to.

  14. gusgusleon

    Fuckin biggo liers! He is just trying to? protect his rep!

  15. keyno2007

    That wasn’t? you faggot.. For you to come out so fast to admit that let’s me know te’o is a faggot too

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