Two women use toy gun to rob Tinder date in Dubai – News | #tinder | #pof

Two female expats teamed up with unidentified individuals to rob a man of cash and valuables by brandishing a toy gun, the Dubai Court of First Instance has heard. One of the two defendants had lured the complainant to a date via Tinder.

The court heard how the two women, both Nigerians on visit visas, robbed the complainant of a necklace, $500 and 2,000 Rons (Romanian currency).

The incident allegedly took place on September 5 when the complainant was lured to go to the women’s flat. There, he was threatened by men with the toy gun. A 29-year-old male accomplice, also Nigerian, was charged in the case for possessing a part of the stolen money ($200 and 280 Rons).

A case was registered at Jebel Ali police station.

The two women have been placed in detention. The public prosecution sought the maximum penalty for them as per the law.

A police lieutenant said they went to the crime scene in response to a call by a Romanian man. “The complainant said that he had met a woman on Tinder. He went to the flat at around 7.30pm and, there, a man grabbed him by the neck and another threatened him with a gun.

“They robbed him of cash and credit cards and he was made to reveal the pin numbers under threats.”

Later, the accused deleted the conversations they had with the complainant.

The police launched a probe after. “We learned from the security guard that the 21-year-old accused had rented the flat for two days. The surveillance cameras were not working at the time,” the police officer told the investigator.

The police tracked the suspects down to Ajman and arrested them.

The female defendants told the police that they could not withdraw any cash from the credit cards as the complainant had given them the wrong pin numbers.

The fake gun was found in their flat and seized.

The lieutenant added that the complainant looked very agitated when he reported the incident.

The male accomplice told the police that one of the women had given him the cash to transfer to their home country.

The trial has been adjourned to January 5.

Marie Nammour

Originally from Lebanon, Marie has been covering the Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution, immigration and labour issues often, and the Dubai International Film Festival. A graduate from the Holy Spirit university of Kaslik, Jounieh, a city to the north of Beirut, she worked as an in-house reporter of international affairs at a leading TV station back home and a legal translator for a renowned law college in the Lebanese capital. Speaks fluently four languages and is fond of travelling, psychology, learning more and grown by now a rich ‘criminal’ imagination…

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