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Thanks to Tinder and other similar dating apps, meeting someone new has never been easier, although that hardly qualifies as any type of guaranteed success going forward.

Still, if you’re looking to boost your odds of getting someone you like to swipe right on your profile, it would appear that posing alongside various cars can increase (or decrease) your chances, at least that’s what Click4Reg found out during a recent study.

Arguably the most important statistic here is the one that shows which particular model Tinder users find more attractive – which in this case was the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. It received 218 matches out of 300, a 72.6% success rate.

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In order to arrive at those numbers, two separate Tinder accounts were created, one male and one female, “changing the main profile photo after every 300 swipe rights. In each new main profile photo, the Tinder user posed beside one of 15 popular cars which was then used to determine which cars increase and decrease your chance of receiving a match.”

The second most attractive car to Tinder users was the Range Rover Sport (213/300 likes), which ranked favorably with both males and females and let’s face it, it’s not hard to see why – unlike with the third most popular car here, the VW Polo (210/300 likes). Other popular models include the BMW 3-Series (204/300), VW Golf (200/300), MINI Cooper (198/300) and Audi A3 (196/300).

What car should I definitely not pose next to?

According to the numbers, that would be the Toyota Yaris, featuring the lowest success rate at 50.3%. The second least-popular model was the Hyundai i10 (52.3%), followed by the Nissan Micra (54%).

If we’re being honest, dating somebody because you like their car or their taste in cars isn’t exactly the best strategy for long-term relationship success. But if for whatever reason you wanted to know which types of cars tend to attract attention, then this survey pretty much confirms what we already knew: a premium badge and elegant looks will usually do the trick.

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