UNLUCKY IN LOVE Scientists prove why online dating is perfect for men but awful for women


Feminism has helped men find love in the new age of online dating – but what’s it doing to the quality of their relationships?

MEN are more likely to fall in love and have lots of sex using online dating apps and sites than women, a study suggests.

Dating site Match.com found that men have fallen in love 3.3 times on average in comparison to 2.3 for women in 2016.

And they are 73 percent more likely decide whether they are in love by having sex.

While women aren’t as likely to find love between the sheets, both sexes are jumping into bed a lot quicker than previous generations.

Single millennials were 48 percent more likely than older generations to have sex before the first date.

The study of 5,500 singles found that men preferred a woman to make the first move, but that women were afraid of coming on too strong.

Only 29 percent of women actually initiate the first kiss and 13 percent of women ask for a man’s number.

Women are subjected to several nasty surprises while online dating, too.

Almost half of all men surveyed admitted to sending a picture of their penis to a potential mate.

And more than half of women surveyed said they received one without asking for it.

But in the age of equal opportunities, women are 75 percent more likely to want to split the bill, and 95 percent are keen to “take charge” sexually.

Among 5,500 single men aged 18 to 70, most agreed the number one turn on was a female entrepreneur.

Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser for Match said that feminism has made dating “easier” for men.

She said: “Men say that feminism has really made dating easier, safer and more enjoyable for them.”



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