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During the discussion, students mentioned concepts they considered to be part of a healthy relationship like compromise, trust, open-mindedness, loyalty, respect, and honesty. However, the principal factor in a healthy relationship, one that Maston and all of the CLAR@ students agreed with was, communication.

“Something I think any teenager should know going into a relationship is communication. It should always be a top priority to know who you are before going into a relationship and setting boundaries not just for others but for yourself.”

Maston and NEWS believes that teenagers, or for that matter anyone going into a relationship, should be able to continue being themselves and find other people to confide in should they need to.

NEWS started as an emergency shelter for women in abusive relationships. Overtime they have expanded, now supporting men, teens, the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

“We rebranded about four years ago because we aren’t just for women and we aren’t just for emergencies. We want to help everyone, we want them to feel welcome and comfortable with reporting abuse,” Matson said, adding the new openness in which men can come forward and report domestic abuse, and how new generations are breaking the stigmas and stereotypes that men cannot be harmed in a romantic relationship.

Visit napanews.org/ for more information as well as Instagram: @news4peace, or Facebook: @NEWS4Peace

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