US SDNY District Court Judge George Daniels Is An Uncle Tom


US District Court Judge George Daniels of the US SDNY is a typical Uncle Tom-type African-American Judge whom his Freemason Superiors have placed on the bench to preside over Civil Rights Cases, the predominant Plaintiffs usually are black or other racial minorities who have been wronged by white society and institutional racism.

However, Judge George Daniels does not remember his own race or experiences while reviewing these cases, because the only thing this opportunist judge thinks about is his own career, and pleasing his white slavemasters.

He is fully owned and knows who butters his bread, so whenever he gets a Civil Rights case, both him and his law clerks hurry to obstruct justice, tamper with witnesses, obfuscate the law and facts, cover-up the dispute, prematurely dismiss the claims, denigrate the plaintiff, and shit all over them in order to shit-can the case in a hurry, and whitewash the situation completely, so that no Civil Rights progress is ever made in his courtroom, or in New York City for that matter.

No one can fault him because he is black – how do you accuse a black man of racism, or discrimination, or trampling on your civil rights?

The supervising judges and committees which made him a federal judge to preside over civil rights cases knew that he would cowardly dismiss or dispatch bona fide civil rights cases because he only loves money and his own career advancement, not the cause of civil liberties and human rights.

This man is truly a discredit to the bench.

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