USC Sexual Assault Alert


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The Department of Public Safety at the University of Southern California notified students Tuesday night of a sexual assault that occurred on the 2900 block of Figueroa Street and possibly included the use of a date rape drug.

The incident occurred last week, according to the victim.

The victim, a USC student, reported that she was sexually assaulted and believes that she may have been drugged after she had gone out drinking with friends.

“The phenomenon of date rape drugs being used to facilitate sexual assault has been widely reported across the country. Although no confirmed cases have previously been reported on-campus,” according to the DPS crime alert that was sent to all students.

DPS is also urging students to follow precautions to ensure that they don’t become victims of date rape.

“To protect yourself, do not leave drinks unattended, do not share drinks with others and be wary of accepting drinks from people you do not know well,” according to DPS.



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