3 thoughts on “Use Skype to Avoid Online Dating Scammers

  1. Javier

    Guys, careful ! Some girls try to connect with you and after all they are from Ghana or other african country and the profile shows like they live in USA. Do not waste time, ask for a video conference and pay attention to any prior recorded video. Any communication should be real at any time, sometimes they put for excuse that they don’t have web-cam or microphone and pre recorded a video!! Make sure that they are real, I tell you for experience. Also never send money !!!! there are many dating places out there…always check identity of other person who is contacting you to know that she / he is real. I am married to a wonderful Russian girl and have a little girl, but before meeting her had to experience by my own before skype , at that time had ICQ. Good luck to you and hope you find the right person in your life. Regards from NC

  2. daniel

    Thanks for the very god and sound advise, Now hwere do I go from here as far as a dating site to fine this lady I’m looking for .

  3. patricia

    I tried skype and I found the information in their website re charges and benefits frustrating the lack of support and then being unable to cancel the account easily when I was fed up with them,,,,and they just went on charging just the same .Don’t like skype much thought the idea is good.Is there something else like them on the net today. Only better?
    Nice to see you are still on the job Rosalind.

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