16 thoughts on “V139 Additional murder suicides. Google “murder suicide” in your town. The Katrina Virus is real.

  1. Linda Eckert

    V139 Additional murder suicides. Google “murder suicide” in your town
    V139 Additional murder suicides. Google “murder suicide” in your town. The
    Katrina Virus is real.?

  2. docatomics

    …when paying taxes is tantamount to “murder suicide” ~the system is
    broken =& shall not go much further

  3. Andrew Miller

    and that’s saying something coming from a hot retarded chick!! 😀

  4. TheDigitalWeb

    The cop is a shill….They’re NOT taking my firearms….police officer
    training states,that most police shoot outs are within 7 to 11 feet of the

  5. luckydoug

    what prescription medication was he consuming. I think we have a rash of
    what the drug companies call “side-effects” happening. (that’s and effect
    they don’t want to publicize)

  6. TheDayApproaches

    Well, I was very interested in learning something, but not one single video
    is available on mobile, so me and about 20-25% of your potential audience
    is being disenfranchised here because of this. You ever decide to include
    us on this channel, let us know, okay, dude? Shalom

  7. totalpkgpainting

    Where are the areas that these incidences are happening? You might find
    they are under areas that get heavy spraying of airborne chemicals from the
    skies. just a theory.

  8. ??? ????H?????

    Im subscribed tho this guy named BeePeeOilDisaster and he shows images of
    Demonic faces at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico close to where the spill
    occured! I beleive this is definitely Demonic possesions taking place! And
    even if it is a Virus, I believe Viruses are Demons also and you can even
    see them with a microscope!

  9. hempward

    Thanks for your devotion and dedication. Blessings and peace be with you.

  10. luckydoug

    on what prescription medications, and what non-prescription medications was
    that Jovan character? How about the columbine kids? How come there isn’t an
    outcry to ban prescription psycho drugs. They’re literally KILLING our

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