24 thoughts on “V292 Google “murder suicide”. Obama is using suicide to murder you. Katrina Virus.

  1. David Andrew Christenson

    Big Big news. YouYube/Google has decided to stand by me and keep my “David
    Andrew Christenson Channel” open. The 1st amendment lives. Obama put a
    great deal of pressure on YouTube to close my account. Threats were made.
    The patriot Act was used. My being classified as a terrorist was used as
    well. It took the board of directors to make the decision. Sorry that I
    have not posted a video for a couple of weeks. YouTube froze my account
    while the decision was being made. The fight continues.

    I am starting to win. One person can make a difference against a corrupt
    government. I took an oath and I intend to honor that oath.

    V261 I hope and pray that Obama and his family are assassinated. Katrina

  2. 1962DaWizard

    Don’t lose hope brother.. The word is spreading.. <3 🙂

  3. David Andrew Christenson

    Obama is murdering you with the Katrina Virus.

  4. Synt77

    I’m spreading the word. But you know hoe people are. Its easier to fool
    people than convince them they’ve been fooled.:)

  5. Amaterasu Solar

    May I offer a solution? First step: spread awareness of the solution to the
    tipping point. See (remove parentheses): Analysis:
    w(w)w.thelivingmoon.(com)/forum1/index.(php)?topic=657.0 PLAN:
    w(w)w.thelivingmoon.(com)/forum1/index.(php)?topic=2759.0 Governance:
    w(w)w.thelivingmoon.(com)/forum1/index.(php)?topic=2103.0 The LOVE of money
    is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…

  6. randywatchingbush

    Lets make this videos thumbs up bigger in # than the FALSE thumbs down
    perpetrated by the Governement shills who did it. I had neglected to give
    this 1 a thumbs up but just did give it 1.

  7. SMIshroomery321

    This man has sworn to stand up for the constitution. What have you done?

  8. Tallulah deVille

    tried to thumbs down this loads…won’t work….omen….i see you

  9. SuperDeltaBravo1

    David, I have watched all your clips. I am a lifelong Louisiana Native.
    Please explain the Katrina Virus for the benefit of those that have NO
    Idea. Thank you & God speed.

  10. Synt77

    Thats a lot. What do we do? That’s a lot. I know how hard it can be to
    battle depression. But how do you battle a suicidal/murder virus.

  11. krjourneyfan78

    My first thought is, “What about the fact that so many people are now
    taking so many Rx drugs that list thoughts of suicide as a side effect?”
    How about providing some statistics.

  12. Youtube User 3467324

    its ok that youre spamming this bullshit, youre gonna get cancer and die
    soon anyways.

  13. Youtube User 3467324

    wow youre the next moron bombing places and sending letters to government

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