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An “evil” sexual sadist who repeatedly raped and abused his former partners has been jailed for at least 13 years in NSW.

Aron Goodrem, 30, has been handed a maximum term of 20 years in prison after admitting more than 20 charges including seven for rape and seven for common assault.

“There is little doubt as described by one of the victims in this matter, the behaviour of Mr Goodrem here was evil,” Sydney District Court Judge John Pickering said during sentencing on Monday.

“He made his victims feel like they were in a cage with him, they had no freedom and he maintained control over their lives.”

Judge Pickering assured his six victims, four of whom had children with him, they would never have to worry about Goodrem harassing their kids.

“Mr Goodrem will not be able to interfere with your lives anymore. He will not to be able interfere with their high school … the only person who will be in a cage for the foreseeable future is not you, it’s Mr Goodrem,” he said.

The judge outlined Goodrem’s pattern of behaviour where he would isolate the women, control their finances and mobile phones, tell them what they were allowed to eat, when they could shower and go to the toilet.

He moved from victim to victim each time showing the same “utter disrespect for women, and the same controlling behaviour.”

Goodrem subjected his girlfriends to repeated acts of depravity and domestic violence including burning one with cigarettes, leaving her with permanent scars, smashing another’s head repeatedly on the ground until she passed out, and threatening one with two machetes.

He dragged one woman out of bed by her hair, up a staircase and into a bathroom after she received a text message from a male friend.

After punching her in the back of the head, he returned with a machete and said “if you disobey me I will slit your throat,” the court heard.

On another occasion Goodrem kicked down a locked door before pushing the women down a flight of 16 stairs.

In her victim impact statement she spoke of feeling so desperately trapped and thinking the only way she could protect her daughter was for them both to die.

One woman was so fearful for her life she left her baby behind in his care while she fled with a friend with just the clothes on her back.

After one of his partners gave birth via caesarean, he forced himself on her just days after the surgery.

Judge Pickering said it was “extraordinary” that he would inflict such violent intercourse on a woman two days after having his child.

The judge also criticised the social media dating site Tinder, which Goodrem used to meet four out of six victims.

“It seems extraordinary that people like Mr Goodrem are just allowed to meet people and perpetrate these crimes through Tinder … and they profit and make money out of it and show no responsibility.”

One of his victims said she and the other women he abused were finally safe, and they were happy knowing their children were now also protected, and would be adults by the time he was released.

“Come forward if you are experiencing domestic violence… there are other girls who are in the same shoes as you … come forward and fight. You will get your justice like we got ours today,” she said outside court.

Goodrem will be eligible for parole on June 24 in 2033.

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