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Very very smart scammer. She says she lives in Kiev and I knew her at the dating site, but she is also present at The site is called Only Victrori, It does not put much information, but has 5 really nice pictures. He does not let himself be easily wedded and this has been one of the main elements. After 3 months of conversation she is said to be ready to come to Italy. I give them the ticket, but contact me on the airport saying they do not make it because they do not have enough money so they can not fly (the day before the flight I had sent an article that cited the occurrence of 269.00 euro to stop 5 days). At that point, she pretends to be disheartened and I get her to resume another flight. He tells me that proof of funds is needed, but obviously being Saturday she knows that it is still required on a weekday and takes a few days. He tells me that the 100 euro that he does not have enough. I propose to send him 200 euros. She asks 300 and eventually send me Western Union 260 euros. You want them to intimidate Mom, because the passport at that time does not have it with it. The fact of intimidating them to the mother who had the same surname encouraged me. I send the money. The next day (he had the flight at 8.30pm), I call it and write it but he does not answer. I start to suspect. I ask you to send me a photo, but leave the communication and send me a photo that might have been taken from the internet … I did not expect it after a two hour and a half car trip to the airport for 4 hours .. .Anything. She turned off the phone and she was not alive.

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very very nice, with wonderful face and big breast.

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