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VIDE, a premium canned cocktail that has brought quality, convenience & transparency to the spiked seltzer market with its all-natural, gluten-free, zero sugar, zero carbs ingredients, has teamed-up with Olivia Culpo to launch its exciting new REVIDELIZE campaign to encourage every one of us to do better in all aspects of our lives!

“REVIDELIZE is all about taking a look at everything we do from day to day, and trying our best to make small changes to improve ourselves and the world around us. Whether it’s giving back to those in need, being more mindful of the resources you use, picking up garbage you see laying around, or simply just spending less time on your phone, VIDE wants to be there with you!” proclaims the company’s co-founder Ryan Laverty.

Adding to Laverty’s statement, VIDE’s co-founder Sal Campisi explains the company’s own goals with the campaign, “As a consumer product company, VIDE’s own version of ‘being better’ is to offset the carbon footprint required to bring our product to market. As a result of this, we’re committing a sizable percentage of our 2021 budget towards carbon neutrality, with the long term goal of going completely carbon neutral.”

Joining-up with VIDE as a Creative Director and Investor to help spread the word about REVIDELIZE is Olivia Culpo, who has gained success as an esteemed model, actress and business entrepreneur with a goal of empowering those passionate about their craft – whatever field they may be in – to follow their dreams. “I am excited to be involved with the REVIDELIZE campaign with VIDE. We’re encouraging people to be present, and to find ways of improving themselves and the world around them. There’s no action too big or too small, and I can’t wait to see how you all REVIDELIZE!”

By asking Americans to join the REVIDELIZE campaign, VIDE knows they will open the conversation up about being more self-aware about creating a better tomorrow. The ready-to-drink canned beverages have already disrupted and REVIDELIZED the industry to make everyone feel better about what they are consuming when the day calls for a refreshing treat.

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