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More women have come forward with claims of “nasty” behaviour by the Sydney man accused of sending “vile” messages to two Tinder dates.

Thomas McGuirk was fired from his Sydney logistics job after “vile” audio messages he allegedly sent Ebonie Sanderson were shared online.

Ms Sanderson said a man named Tom became verbally abusive towards her on Friday when she said didn’t want to meet him for sex in a post shared on Instagram.

Her post quickly went viral, resulting in the man dubbed “Tinder creep” being named as 28-year-old McGuirk by his employer Dave Scott, who owns Sydney logistics firm Invenco.

McGuirk’s social media accounts are no longer active.

Since then a second woman, Erin Hinds, says she was “slut shamed” when she revealed she spent the night with McGuirk while sharing her own claims of poor treatment by the software engineer.

And now another three women have spoken out, all alleging to have been subjected to “creepy” behaviour by Bondi-based McGuirk after meeting on a dating app.

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Melbourne make-up artist Hem Mason shared messages she received from “Tom” with after matching with him on Hinge in May while on the Gold Coast.

She said that from the moment they began talking, the messages became “inappropriate” and “harassing”.

“I got a prediction from reading your Tinder bio. You’re into black dudes,” one message from the account, alleged to belong to McGuirk, read.

“And you got more blacks than whites in London.”

When Ms Mason responded asking “what do you mean?” Tom asked: “Are you into black guys.”

Ms Mason said the questioning about her sexual history made her “uncomfortable and creeped out”.

“I was lucky that my interaction with him was quite short, but his messages were still extremely inappropriate,” she told

“He was definitely trying to bait me into something further.”

Ms Mason said the messages were the pair’s first conversation, describing the questioning about her sex life as “childish”.

“I felt very uncomfortable and creeped out, especially as he was obsessed with my sexual history,” she said.

“I was shocked that someone thought it was appropriate to ask about my sexual history in their very first message to me.”

Beauty blogger Jess Turunen claims she matched with McGuirk in May 2020 on the Gold Coast around the same time as Ms Mason.

The mum-of-two said she was “terrified for her safety” after her alleged encounter, stating he turned “nasty” when he asked about her “type” and called her “white trash”.

“Things were going fairly well until he asked me what my type was, to which I responded I didn’t really have a type judging from my previous relationships,” she told

“He asked me to elaborate on that and I told him my ex-husband was a red head and my last partner was black.”

Ms Mason said revealing her dating history sparked a “sour” reaction from McGuirk, resulting in him allegedly calling her “white trash” and labelling her “disgusting”.

“It was really, really aggressive and I blocked him – only for him to find me on Instagram and continue over there,” she said.

“I blocked him again but deleted our conversation as I didn’t think I would ever be speaking out about it.

“There’s some level of shame and embarrassment about being on Tinder. I just wanted to get rid of him out of my life as it was quite traumatising.”

Former Bachelor contestant Nikki Ferris shared an encounter with the account allegedly run by McGuirk on Facebook after learning of Ebonie Sanderson’s post.

She matched with Tom on Bumble, sharing a message from him that said she was “just tits, ass and puns”.

The response to her flirty message that described him as “hot” left her shocked, writing on Facebook it was “actually disgusting”.

“He really tried to sexualise me throughout our conversation and make out like I was nothing more than a ‘piece of meat’,” she told

Previously, 26-year-old Erin Hinds told she had met McGuirk after matching with him on Tinder and gone to his Bondi apartment where the pair had sex.

A few days later she claims he bombarded her with “disgusting and horrendous” messages when she said she wasn’t interested in pursuing anything further.

Ms Hinds was then “slut shamed” by others online for sharing details of the alleged encounter.

“Just because I’m a woman people expect we don’t want just sex too. Yes I went over to have sex,” she said.

“But he also invited a stranger to his house to have sex. Where are the people saying it was dangerous for him?”

In response to a critic on her Instagram, she echoed that sentiment, writing: “I simply said that I wasn’t interested and all of a sudden I’m a sl*t?

“He also f**ked on a first date, but we won’t mention that, right?”

Ms Sanderson said she was called a “disgusting fat pig” in a series of audio messages allegedly sent to her by McGuirk after she said she declined to meet him for sex.

“The truth is, this happens more than we think,” she told “So many women resonated with this kind of sexist behaviour and it was really sad to discover just how real it is.”

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