Viral Christian Pregnancy YouTuber Sam Rader Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account


The popular Christian vlogger Sam Rader—best known for “surprising” his wife with her own positive pregnancy test in a viral video—had a paid account on the cheating website Ashley Madison in 2013, the Daily Mail reports. Sam is a leader in a new industry of online evangelism, posting daily videos of his upstanding, Jesus-loving family for hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Sam, whose new “manager” told the Daily Mail from a vlogger conference in Seattle that “we are not going to comment on this right now,” has done such a good job marketing his Christian family values on YouTube that he quit his job this month to vlog full time. (We reached out to Sam for comment but have not heard back.) Though his latest pregnancy stunt video was controversial, Sam has built a real, loyal following preaching the bible and vlogging about wanting to be a “good man” to his wife of almost six years, Nia—the kind of “man I want [my daughter] to marry.”

Perhaps Sam believes that being a “good man” in a marriage is consistent with seeking extramarital sexual partners online. Or perhaps he simply fell short of his goal in September 2013, when he created a paid account on Ashley Madison, a dating site created for the purpose of cheating your spouse. News of the Ashley Madison hack broke on July 15. Instead of keeping his head down, Sam went ahead with his viral pregnancy stunt three weeks later, propelling his family to new heights of Christian vlogging fame.

The Daily Mail notes that someone using a credit card belonging to a “Samuel Rader,” with a billing address that matches the Raders’ home in Terrell, Texas—a home that is featured in almost every video Sam posts—made several payments on Ashley Madison beginning in September 2013, including two payments of $189. The domain of the email address used to create the account, “”, was registered by Samuel Rader in 2011. ( also notes the email evidence.)

The Twitter account below first discovered that Sam’s credit card information was among the data released online in the wake of the hack on Ashley Madison’s servers.



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