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Dating this time is different but promises more fun. Influencers Mallika Dua, Dolly Singh, Radhika Bangia, Varun Thakur and Rahul Dua share some creative and safe ways to keep looking for companionship in the new normal. By Team Viva

While dating in 2020 might be difficult, it doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun. There are various new things to be explored this season. Gen Z is full of creative life hackers and there are a lot of firsts for dating in 2020.

Here are some creative tips, tricks and hacks on how to date from some of the influencers and content creators — Mallika Dua, Dolly Singh, Radhika Bangia, Varun Thakur and Rahul Dua. They share some ingenious and safe ways to navigate dating in the new normal.

Everything Mallika as Sima Taparia taught us about dating this time

Mallika’s Scheme-a Aunty is the Tinder and Indian Matchmaking crossover 2020 needed. She has lots of tips and tricks for dating this time. They involve shared menus for virtual dates, sage advice on compromise and so much more. Not surprisingly, like 77 per cent of Tinder members said in a recent poll, Mallika endorses just staying in your PJs for a virtual date.

She says, “A good date is like COVID, available everywhere and possible anytime. It’s not a problem if you can’t meet anyone in person, you can set up a nice candle light date with them virtually and tie your sibling to a chair so that they don’t disturb you.”

With a hint of humour, she further says, “Compromise is very important in any relationship. If you want to watch a rom-com and your date wants to watch a thriller, then you must compromise and watch a rom-com. If you are smart, funny, nice and lovely, you will meet many matches, just make sure your matches know you have other matches too.”

If they can’t commit to a mask, how will they commit to you? Dolly’s reasons to date

Virtual dating during social distancing means longer conversations, casual clothing and an even sweeter date IRL. In fact, the year has brought some new ways that you can use on your first date. If you are meeting your date from a distance, Dolly recommends a T-shirt that reads: Sanitise if you like me.

She lists a few reasons to start dating:

  • Use your phone wisely. Download a dating app where you can meet the world.
  • Sometimes virtual is better than reality. It gives you the time to ask all the important questions and reflect.
  • Now meeting will be 100 times more special as you will wait to test negative to finally meet.

Radhika’s tips on dating in 2020: How soon is too soon to reply to a text?

Swipe through some memes, do a dance routine and play with your pet before replying to a text. She even has a way to ensure you don’t accidentally like your matches posts from 2013.

Radhika lists some tips for matching in 2020:

  • Don’t give up easily. Keep swiping till you find the one.
  • Don’t reply immediately and don’t be desperate.
  • How to prevent yourself from liking their old picture while doing your research? Well, put a tape around your thumb so in case you touch your screen accidentally, you know you are safe.
  • Lastly, when you are done following all these, whenever you plan to meet them, put on a sexy mask, maintain social distancing and give them a hand sanitiser.

“Haters gonna hate, daters gonna date.” Varun on the dating hacks of this year

What’s the most important dating hack of 2020 according to Varun aka Vicky Malhotra? Well, according to him you need to reinvent yourself, replace your profile pictures with those of you doing household chores since in 2020 that is the most attractive quality. Says he, “Please don’t be the guy with cliche pictures in leather jackets with sunglasses and a guitar in your hand.”

His video on how to hack Tinder in 2020 says, “Whether there’s a pandemic or endemic, dating cannot stop. As the famous saying goes, “haters are going to hate and daters are going to date.” Another important thing about dating this time is that one has to be responsible. Unless it’s safe, please don’t go out and start dating without mask and other precautionary measures.”

He adds, “Online dating is the way to go. And for that you need good internet speed because no matter how good your personality is, if your picture is pixelated, running on 256 kbps infront of a beautiful girl, it’s pretty much pointless.”

He further advices that you shouldn’t try to be something that you are not. Don’t have quotes for the heck of it. Don’t quote William Shakespeare or Mark Twain for no reason. Just chill out.

When sanitisers replace perfume: Dating this year as told by Rahul

We’re grateful for the scented sanitisers and loving this 2020 dating hack of writing your name on your mask to recognise your match if you do decide to meet IRL.

Trust your elders, especially if it’s Rahul with a filter.

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