Voice of a 419 Scammer Carlito Jordan Jowell aka: Jowell Jordan – Facebook Scammer

fraudalertcarlitojordanjowell.weebly.com Do you know the real identity of this voice? This is the voice of a 419 scammer going by the name Carlito Jordan Jowell, also goes by Jordan Jowell. He uses facebook to meet women and rip them off with the online dating scam. First he develops a friendship and then comes up with hard luck stories and claims he has gold to pay them back later with extra interest. He produces fake documents for a gold contract. He never pays the victim back the money or the interest from gold. Infomation is wanted in the identity of this scammer. The picture in the video is one of the photos the scammer uses. The photo is most likely stolen from someones account on facebook. This scammer is operating out of Accra, Ghana. Probably an African male, but appears to have a British or South African accent. Unsolved mystery. Internet fraud, scam, 419 rip off, conartist, scammer, alert, wanted, social networking, internet, gold bars jowell_111@yahoo.ca 233275165214

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