Wait continues for answers in death of Tara Turner


FALMOUTH — For the family of a northern Kentucky woman whose body was found in Bracken County in late February, the waiting for an arrest in her death is frustrating.

On Jan. 31, the family of the late Tara Turner began to worry when she did not see her father for his birthday.

“She had told her sister she was going to get together with some friends then go to eat at (a restaurant) in Augusta,” said Dan Turner, on Monday. “She never got to Augusta, and that was the last communication with our family from her.”

Family member began posting missing person notices on social media sites and contacted police in Pendleton County.

According to Turner, after a brief separation, his daughter had recently reconciled with her husband, which had not set well with an ex-boyfriend she had been seeing.

“Three days later she was missing,” Dan Turner said.

They also communicated with the last person who claimed to see her alive, the ex-boyfriend who told officials he had dropped Tara Turner at California Market along Kentucky 9 on the night she disappeared.

“He has given us three different locations where he supposedly dropped her off,” Dan Turner said.

Several family-organized searches turned up nothing, but on Feb. 28, as a new search was planned, a Bracken County woman and her children found Tara Turner’s body at Snag Creek, while fishing near Foster.

Bracken County deputies secured the scene until Kentucky State Police investigators could arrive, BCSO officials said.

A report listing a cause of her death has not been released, Dan Turner said.

“It is frustrating, because the Pendleton County Sheriff’s Office did not take her being missing seriously, suggesting we should go to Cincinnati and look in drug neighborhoods for her. We told them she was not that kind of drug user,” Turner said. “It was really heartening to come across a couple of Bracken County deputies out looking on their own.”

Turner wants the investigation done right so results can be organized.

“Kentucky State Police don’t want to let any information out, so they can make sure everything is in order for a case,” Dan Turner said. “When I talk to them, they say they are waiting for lab reports and testing information.”

A memorial has been erected at the creek side location where his daughter was found. She was buried March 6 in Woodbine.

“I am just glad I was not the one who found her. I had been close to the area on a previous search,” he said.

Turner is survived by her three children, husband Mack Renton, extended family, and parents, Dan and Jane Turner.

Bracken County Sheriff’s Office and Pendleton County Sheriff’s Office officials referred inquiries on the case to KSP officials.

According to KSP, the case continues to be under investigation.

Anyone with information on the case should contact KSP at 859-428-1212.


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