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January is the most popular time to meet singles, according to dating experts. But with a new year comes a whole slew of new dating trends to be wary of before jumping back on the market like snowmanning – when a new flirtation disappears once the Christmas period is over.

To help singles navigate these potentially choppy waters, dating app OkCupid examined some of 2019’s biggest dating trends and offered some practical advice on how users could up their dating game in 2020.

Starting the Conversation

According to data culled from over 2000 respondents, women on the app were 2.5 times more likely than men to garner a response if they initiated the conversation. Timing also played a key factor. Sunday was the most successful day to plan dates for the week while 5 pm was the most popular time of day on the app.

However users were cautioned not to begin conversations with only ‘Hey’ as this greeting had an 84% chance of being completely ignored. Instead, the app recommended that users keep their first message around 140 characters and try to engage on a specific photo or question, such as ‘Pizza is the best food out there’.

A staggering 77% of men believed they were the most romantic person they knew compared to 65% women on the app.

Men Are More Traditionally Romantic

Data found that men were more traditionally romantic when compared to women. A staggering 77% of men believed they were the most romantic person they knew compared to 65% women on the app. Men were also more likely to plan a first date on Valentine’s Day, 65% compared to 50% of women.

When it came to traditional ideas of romance, 93% of men thought long walks on the beach were romantic (compared to 91% of women) while 70% of men and 55% women said they believed romancing in the woods was far more romantic than snuggling in Paris.

When asked about the best way to show their partner they care, 43% of men chose touch by giving a hug, massage or kiss, 39% of men mentioned doing something nice, 15% of men would tell their partners how much they appreciate them, and only 4% of men preferred to give gifts like flowers, jewellery or a new gadget.

Men were also more likely to believe in second chances when it came to romantic relationships. 48% felt that it may work out in another time or place while women were more practical about renewing an old relationship. 47% said that it would depend on the relationship.

New Look, Facebook Dating: Big Announcements From F8

The Future Is Private

1 May, 2019

After a tumultuous 2018, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stressed on a privacy-focused social network at the Facebook F8 developer conference this year. In the keynote, Zuckerberg said that they are pushing hard on helping people to connect with close family and friends. He unveiled a revamped and redesigned version of Facebook, called the FB5 which aims at making navigation easier, improve the loading time and giving the user a cleaner appearance. The updated mobile app is rolling out now. The desktop version will be released in the next few months.

Along with changes to the core app, Facebook also announced updates to Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Oculus Quest and Rift S virtual reality headsets — and introduced a new feature, Facebook Dating.

Here’s a look at all things new.

?Not Feeling Blue

1 May, 2019

The app’s redesign has been the most prominent ever-since the social network’s launch. The new look rolls-out in the US today, and for the rest of the world in the coming weeks. The redesign on mobile has been happening in stages, it has already begun on both iOS and Android. The desktop redesign will begin testing in the next few months, which will update the web design to look and feel more modern and fresh, similar to the mobile app.

?Facebook Messenger Desktop App for Windows and Mac

1 May, 2019

With private messaging as one of the fastest growing areas of online communication, the company debuted a desktop version of the app. Previously, you could use Messenger from a web browser, but couldn’t use certain features on the platform like group calling. Facebook is also testing a ‘group watch’ feature, where people can invite others to watch a video together in real time while messaging or on a video chat.For businesses, it has created an automated system that allows customers to book an appointment through Messenger.The company is also working on features that will allow Messenger users to message and call people on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook Groups

1 May, 2019

Keeping in mind the theme for this year, ‘the future is private’, members within groups will be able to anonymously post questions and share information. For those seeking jobs, you will be able to message the employer and apply through the app. Gaming groups will get a chat feature so members can create threads about specific topics within a group. Facebook is working to downplay recommendations from groups known for spreading misinformation, and deleting groups that break the company’s community standards.

?Romance 101

1 May, 2019

Facebook Dating which was introduced at last year’s F8, is now expanding to 14 more countries. It introduced a feature called ‘Secret Crush’, which does exactly what you’d expect. You can create a secret list of Facebook friends you’re attracted to, whether or not they have a dating profile. You will be lucky, if they are also using Secret Crush, and add you to their list, Facebook will notify the two of you that there’s a match.

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