Washington #victims #spend $7.2 million on #catfishing #scams

A new report says Washingtonians lose $7.2 million to catfishing scams every year.

The Washington Better Business Bureau reports these kinds of scams play on trust to get victims hooked quickly.

Scammers claim they have a financial hardship like a loved one is in the hospital or they’re having car troubles.

With more and more people meeting online … it’s hard to tell the real from the fake.

The Better Business Bureau recommends reverse searching for images on Google and to watch out for bad grammar.

That’s a good sign the person might be from a different country,

“There is a whole psychological aspect on what we call romance scams,” said Danielle Kane with the Washington Better Business Bureau. “A lot of it has to do with the fact that these scammers are highly manipulative and know how to play that psychological warfare game.”

A Washington Better Business Bureau representative says people are often afraid to come forward when they’ve been a victim of a catfishing scam. The BBB does track these scams and encourages victims to report what’s happened.

Source: https://keprtv.com/news/local/washington-victims-spend-72-million-on-catfishing-scams