Watch Out For Dr. Fabian Rodriguez

This is a picture of Fabian Rodriguez. This guy met my wife while we were in high school back before he became some fancy ass doctor. I remember a few years back this guy even had the nerve to bring his wife and kids to dinner at our house with our kids. Sat at our table and pretended he and Monica were nothing but friends. She left her phone out when the kids were doing and his numbers all over her list. So I ask her and she says she’s always wondered if he wasn’t the one she should have been with. God. Like she punched me or something hearing my wife say that. But he lives in South Carolina so we worked it out. We’re not perfect but we try. Then I find all these sexy pics of Monica on the icloud and I know i’ve never seen them. She tries to pretend but starts crying she loves him. What a fool I was because she had me assured that they were nothing more than friends. Fabian has carried on an affair with Monica for several years. He turned my ones loving wife into a woman that we know longer recognize.

Like I said, I met his wife and I have heard stories but I am sure she cannot be as bad as Monica makes her out to be. she is quite the looker. from what I understand Fabian has cheated on his wife over and over again. My wife has turned from a loving caring woman into a woman that’s nasty and vindictive. My marriage to Monica may not have been a fairy tale but that does not give her the right to start an affair with another married man. Monica has brought Fabian into our home and our bed. She says it was only the once when they had been drinking after a reunion and she realized she felt too guilty being a homewrecker. But I know it’s only because I caught them at it and threatening to beat his shit-ass if I ever saw him again. And he knows I’ll do it too. He’s a chickenshitcoward always has been. He took my once a loving wife and turned her into a woman that is unrecognizable. Fabain has ruined my family I am sure he is ruining his own family.I said out of respect to his wife I wouldn’t say anything because she seems like I said decent enough and I know from Monica he’s cheated before. But if he comes near my wife and kids again, I’ll tell his wife. He’s too scared to lose his country club wife and his doctor job. I can only hope that no other woman falls prey to this horrible excuse of a man. I may not be a perfect man husband and father but I would never bring another woman into my bed that I share with my wife.

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